Design conveys VALUE, experience converts EMOTIONS, empathy conquers ALL

Making magic - together.

Levine+Harris specializes in innovating human-centered shopping experiences and customer connections in-store, on-line and beyond traditional realms. We provide turn-key services across retail design, brand strategy, consumer behavior, visual merchandising and communications.

Pam Levine and Tobias Harris, thought leaders and visionary creatives, came together over a shared belief that success in omni retail requires breaking down traditional silos to bridge brand marketing strategy with retail design.

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Pam Levine - Partner 360°Brand Marketing Director / Bridging Strategy with Design

Pam specializes in the science and art of attracting people to products. She works with brands so that they emotionally connect to customers, using custom designed brand communications, digital and interactive technology, display, packaging, signage, and visual merchandising. She uses space, light, color, and dimension work as “silent sellers” that form lasting and profitable consumer relationships. 

Tobias Harris W. - Partner Chief Creative Officer, Retail Experience Architect

Tobias translates business and brand strategy into highly memorable brand environments and experiences that have emotional impact. He is an expert in Human Environment Interaction (HEI) design for leading global brands. a board member for the Retail Design Institute Tobias is frequently asked to shares his insights on how to cross cultures and connect with people on a human level.