Adel Chefridi 

Brand physical experience positioning and fine jewelry boutique design in Rhinebeck, NY

Design Studies

Expressing Adel Chefridi brand’s vision: “Finding Harmony Through Beauty.”


• Reinvigorate the Adel Chefridi Fine Jewelry store, originally designed by the founders during the pandemic.
• Enhance the shopping experience and better utilize the selling space with an eye toward customer engagement, brand storytelling, planning, and lighting.
• Store upgrades should stay attuned to the casual, cultural vibe of the town of Rhinebeck and provide a welcoming shopping destination for the local residents, vacationers and guests.
• Translate the well-established brand DNA and vision within a challenging historical and minimal lease space.
• Develop solutions for distinguishing a bridal salon, highlighting and merchandising stories, and fostering the sales relationship in an authentic warm, welcoming manner.  Integrate fixtures for cross-merchandising Tunisian lifestyle and home giftables to blend in and delight shoppers amidst the elegant designer jewelry.

• L+H developed an engaging retail experience and customer journey to express the origin and source inspiration of the founders and the brand's global outlook and intellect.
• A romantic brand journey leads the customer to seek and find treasures with a sense of mystery and intrigue in this beautifully curated, intimate jewel box.  

Driven by a well-thought-out customer journey, the store layout and fixturing allow ease of product changeability and adaptable marketing programs while creating unexpected experiences with an element of surprise every time customers visit the store.