Alexia Connellan

Brand Positioning, Identity System, Packaging System, Website Content and Design

Distinguishing the Alexia Connellan Brand

To attract, engage and stimulate upscale customers to purchase these unique one-of a kind jewelry designs.

Based on the behaviors, nuances and desires of today’s luxury jewelry collector we developed a highly sophisticated and distinctive brand color palette, textures, materials and dynamic “tone of voice”. Working closely with Alexia,  the designer herself, the brand expresses her universe: her personality, background, inspirations, business savvy and vision, as well as her beautiful gemstone jewelry.  Brand communications and “silent selling elements” were infused to consistently reinforce and connect with Alexia’s exclusive audience, especially in todays over saturated omni-channel world. 

Success Her meticulous approach to design has earned her three prestigious American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Awards, as well as red-carpet prestige and continues to attract discerning collectors.
Collab Partners
Alexia Conellan, Levine Luxury Branding Team - Jill Bluming, Cheryl Kremkow.